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How it works

Thousands of domains are registered each day from all over the world. Some domains are bought for resale and never really used while some domains are developed into websites. Many domains are not renewed and are allowed to expire by their owners.

Our search tool allows you to search for these domains. Expired domains are released by the central registry and can be registered by any entity. Some names are so valuable that they are registered within a few hours or days of becoming available mostly by speculators who are able to re-sell them for a good profit.

Listing your domains on search engines like Yahoo can be costly. Both Yahoo & Dmoz (the largest database of internet sites) listings can take 3-4 weeks to appear. Our service lets you find domains that are already listed on Yahoo & Dmoz, which have expired or will soon expire.

Our system can MONITOR domains that you are interested in and inform you immediately when they are available for registration, thus giving you the edge on others. Available domains can be registered directly from the site for a low price of $11.99 per year.

The other tools that can be accessed by our members are:
Link Popularity CheckerCheck how popular the domain is by verifying the number of sites that link to it.
Alexa RankingCheck the ranking of the domain with Alexa, the most widely used site ranking service.
Domain DiggerScan the website associated with the domain to check for all domains that the site links to.
StatisticsView the latest statistics of Domains registered.

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